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A Nude Set to run around in...

I wore this super chic amazing set I carried last year in my shop and it truly is still my absolute favorite! It's such a quick outfit and I look 'put together' in literally three seconds, my family and I decided to spend the day together roaming the mall. I personally have not stepped foot in a mall in so long but browsing the shops with my mum was an overall good time!

Rocking my cross over bag from Barney's and Nike knit sneakers

Isn't that such an easy and fun outfit to run around in? It is super comfortable and easy going and I am always on the lookout to see if I can snag another color of this fabulous set! Plus who doesn't love looking good in the perfect nude shade!?

I am always throwing up fun selfies in my AEC gear so make sure you come say hello sometime bestie!

Plus I love seeing your feedback, your beautiful pictures and how you put your AEC gear together, your outfits are truly amazing babes!!

Don't forget to tag the shop @alwaysemcouture on instagram using hashtags #aecbabes #aecbabe as we love seeing you in your fashionable pieces!

I also wanted to share that I am using my Jaclyn Hill palette, I am still loving her eyeshadow palette for the variety of shades and pigmented colors! Here's a little video of my makeup up close and take a look I also am wearing my diamond studs from the shop, I wear these almost everyday.

In addition I have Too Faced Nude Beach on my lips but I purchased this in a set sometime ago so I don't think they sell this shade but please check it's a beautiful color and I topped with my absolute favorite Wet n Wild gloss in Flirt Alert (this is top secret I am sharing with you bestie!)

Make sure you come and say hello bestie, my personal account is @miss_aec_ let's share our outfit ideas, makeup tips, and even our love for food! Okay, MY love for food lol

I can't wait to see you and let's get chatting! Any questions drop a comment as I would love to get to know you bestie!



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