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Living This One Life...

Updated: Mar 17, 2020

Gary Vaynerchuck said it best “People are walking around like you’re coming back. You have one life. You are not coming back! Now live like that.” That quote is truly the BEST quote ever because we all know it but why aren’t we living to our full potential?

I am not saying that I am not guilty of this as we all are but how did you feel after reading that? Go ahead I’ll give you a minute, reread that and let the words sink in...

“People are walking around like you’re coming back. You have one life. You are not coming back! Now live like that!”

Are we all so afraid of success that we limit ourselves and stop reaching for the stars? When did we start being okay with allowing life to pass us by and watch our dreams get lived by someone else and smile hoping that maybe 'one day it'll be me' or perhaps do we just smile but deep down are in envy? There’s this saying that we should be grateful to have a roof over our heads, clothes on our back and food on the table. Absolutely! I am so grateful but does that mean that I should be content and not want more? Does it make me a selfish person for craving a life full of passion and excitement? One who isn’t satisfied with just the daily happenings on what the day may bring but actually create a life worth living? I want to live like I do in my daydreams, I want to live with purpose, to help others, to have someone’s hand to hold in all my adventures, one who fully understands me, to dine in five-star restaurants twice-heck maybe even three times a week, pamper myself with facials, or roam the famous streets of Fifth avenue at noon snapping pictures admiring what the chaotic yet beautiful city has to offer.

Does that make me a bad person, a greedy person for wanting, for desiring or seeing my life a certain way? I say NO! There’s so many things I want and I WILL have because I was given the visual so clearly letting me know it can be (and will be) my reality, if I am given the dream I am given the means, I just have to reach and grasp what's there! So my friend, I want to ask you what are your dreams, your fantasies? How do you envision living your life? How about we do this together!? Let’s be each other’s support, each’s back-bone and lift one another, let us surround ourselves with positive energy and draw out a blueprint for what we truly want and make a plan on getting it done. Let’s stop living behind the window watching everything pass us by instead let’s open it, hop out and run through the field having the green grass touch our toes!

How do we start?

Let me make this clear, in NO means am I an expert in any of this but I say if it makes you feel good and scares the shit out of you then heck you're doing something right! It means your dreams are bigger and since we only have this ONE life to live, dream big baby! Tomorrow isn't promised or guaranteed to anyone so let's do something a little everyday that's fulfilling making you feel alive and brings you closer to your dream life.

My suggestions

How about we start with what makes you 'feel good' watching movies that can make you laugh is a great start! Instead of reality TV turn that off and pop in some comedy! If you're not up for comedy grab a hopelessly romantic flick and allow yourself to simply 'feel' there's something that just feels good when a person releases those endorphins of love, it calms anxiety, relieves pain and reduces stress so hey why not!? Some of us may need to physically do something and for that I will suggest to book a boxing class, pull up a yoga session or hit the gym! The weights or the treadmill is definitely is waiting for you!

For my creative friends, have you tried journaling? It can be super effective! Write down your goals even if it's for the week or month, break them down and be specific on what you want for yourself and be free as these are your goals, your dreams and passions! It doesn't have to be super pretty or organized with stickers and such, as long as it makes sense to you. Your journal is your personal escape, doodle in it, glue down images that are meaningful to you, pictures that are empowering, jot your favorite quotes or create some of your own! Whatever you want to do in that journal, you do it. I know there’s been times I have sat in silence after journaling rambling to no one but the air as I write then suddenly I'm bursting into tears from frustration or exhaustion that just needed to be released. After writing down what was on my mind and having that good cry I pull myself together, put on a bold red lippie and headed out the door to greet the world. I feel so much lighter and not one person knew I literally just lost it a moment ago.

Here's a fun one I do often usually on a Saturday morning when I've had a cup of coffee and wearing my oversize tee I dance! Nothing feels better than shaking your ass and not giving a damn, you're pumped with caffeine and you're swaying, turning and perhaps belly dancing in your living room and you don't have to wear the stilettos, have your makeup or hair be on point or smile awkwardly at strangers around. Just close you eyes, jump around and dance!

Next, visualize!! I like to do this one often, I sit quiet or listen to relaxing tunes in the background (preferably spa music or jazz) that have no lyrics because I want to be able to control my thoughts and focus rather than be influenced on what the song is saying. I sit back fully relaxed with my eyes closed, I start to envision the life I want, the person I am spending this time with, I focus on what I am wearing, my surroundings, even details of my makeup, down to my lipstick shade! I go as far as trying to smell the fragrance I have on, the weather, what temperature it is, my hair color, I am so detailed in my thoughts and to take it a notch further, I add my emotions as I envision all of this! I know it may seem silly at first but don't give up, one day you may surprise yourself!

In conclusion, let's practice with living in the NOW forget the past or overthinking on what needs to be done, how, why this, that, the issues or problems, etc and let's simply start living for today because tomorrow isn't promised! If we had one day left on this planet, what would you do? How would you spend it and who would you be with? Sometimes we all tend to worry about what's happening around us and get so consumed on trying to find answers that we allow those those thoughts take up so much of our time rather than living with what is currently making us happy. So my dear friends, let's take a minute to pause...release all those doubts, questions and perhaps fears you have and start focusing on that life you daydream about, that love you want and everything that truly gives you life! Remember if it doesn't scare you you're probably not dreaming big enough!



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