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Party of One or Galentine's Day Special but always Made With Love

Updated: Mar 17, 2020

Ah the heart box chocolates are out on display and the aisles are filled with teddy bears, stuffed puppies and monkeys that are holding heart shaped pillows that say ‘I love you.’ It’s that time again to celebrate the day of love and indulge on milk chocolates and truffles, so whether you’re spending the day with your ‘person’, solo or arranging a fun Galentine’s Day celebration, here are some fun filled ideas you can truly enjoy!

So grab a cup of tea or beverage of your choice and let’s get to brain storming on how you will choose to spend your day, just because you don’t have a special person to share the day with doesn’t mean you can’t make this day special!

Here are five awesome things to do when you’re single on Valentine’s Day:

1. I don’t know about you but I love the funny romantic movie marathons on TV, not the PS I love you where you wonder if a man like Gerry exists or Serendipity where it leaves you to wonder. But more like Valentines Day, watching Jessica Biel and Jennifer Gardner host their ‘I hate Valentines Day’ party is epic! Crazy Stupid Love, a seriously hilarious movie and I bet you gals are still rewinding that part of Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone (oh you know I know!) An all time favorite hands down is Hitch, Will Smith is just too smooth and will make you laugh throughout the entire movie! And my very last suggestion to top off this list is Bridesmaids, I promise this one will have you hugging your stomach! So make that popcorn and get ready for a day filled with laughter.

2. Treat yourself to an incredibly delicious lunch and enjoy the ambiance. Order your favorite glass of wine, a delicious plate of food and indulge and have that orgasmic dessert! How perfect is it not having to share!? Enjoy the fact that it’s all about you!!

3. Book a day at the spa, you deserve it! The week can leave you feeling exhausted, from busy work days, daily routines, completing errands or simply running around it can really wear you out. So celebrate this day by pampering yourself, book a facial, full body massage, mani and pedi! You’ll feel like a million bucks after! Oh and if you really want to be extra why not get a new look? Add some highlights, get a new haircut or try those sweepy bangs you’ve always wanted!

4. Another favorite of mine is kicking ass in the gym! You will be surprised on how empty the gym is, it’s the perfect time to take advantage of all the machines and literally ROCK-OUT!! Hey you may even meet a single guy and grab a smoothie after, now that’s a win win!

5. And if none of the above tickles your fancy then girl take the day to unwind and unplug! Sometimes logging onto social media and seeing all the gushy mushy things may make you feel a certain way, so how about taking a day off social media and literally give yourself a break.

Alright who’s ready for Galentine’s Day!? Call the gang and brain storm on which you gals want to celebrate below:

1. If you and the girls are totally avoiding the whole romantic gooey stares and anything heart shaped or remotely cheesy then hit up a fun bar that’s anti-Valentine’s Day. Ban anything heart shaped, or shades of pink and red, wear black eat greasy bar food and order a round of shots! Before you know it, it’ll be midnight and the day is finally over.

2. Now I know there’s a lot of my girls who are the complete opposite, this can actually be a fun filled day where you get dressed up and celebrate being bad-ass boss babes! Go curl your hair and beat that face with the latest looks you’ve seen your favorite makeup guru rockin’ on Instagram! Have some amazing cocktails, good food and enjoy your girl time, after a few drinks you’ll all have some fun naughty stories to share, besties forever!

3. If the evening is just an overall bad time then meet up for brunch! Restaurants all over are always having specials on this day, how about sharing a plate or two or three for two? Don’t worry about eating too many calories this day, let this day be a cheat day for you and your gal pal! Get them mimosa’s flowing and let the giggle fest begin.

4. Partake in Paint and Sip! Some are BYOB so grab your favorite bottle and get ready to paint and literally sip the evening away, definitely different yet fun! Bonus will be a new piece of décor to hang in your house.

5. Last suggestion would be trying out a cooking class! There’s a ton in the city or perhaps you’ll have to google what’s in your area but cooking classes are so much fun and it’ll be great to add a new recipe under your belt (maybe something to show-off for your future boo!)

There you go loves, regardless of how you want to celebrate enjoy the day!

Happy Galentines Day!

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