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A little about my life and of course Shopping!!

Updated: Dec 9, 2023

Welcome to my little side of the internet, life is an adventure- come join me!

Hi friends! I've had this site for a few years but 'life' daily routines, work, and everything in between got in the middle and I was not able to keep up but I am here to stay, you know what they say 'don't give up' keep going and when you feel you can't do it again here I am! My name is Mia and I live in the Big Apple, New York, where it's loud, crowded, and exciting at times. It's now December 3rd and the city is filled with bright lights, Rockefeller Center just lit the 80-foot tree and the holiday spirit is in the air- my absolute favorite time of the year. Across the street is Saks Fifth Avenue and they just collaborated with Christian Dior to create this gorgeous carousel with bold colorful flowers, a moon, star with all the horoscope signs in the center. It's a captivating design with a New York and Parisian theme with Dior accessories shown such as lady Dior bag, j'adior, fashion pieces and I'm sure much more if I was able to head over and see it myself. For now, I will admire the beautiful photographs taken by people which I look forward to seeing.


Well enough about New York and the bright lights, if you haven’t had a chance to visit it’s worth the trip around the holiday season. I had a consistent schedule that revolved around the gym, healthy living, and good eats with some cheat days here and there. Just like any woman I enjoy shopping! Whether it’s a new lippie, heels, dress, or trousers ‘adding to cart’ is a fun hobby! I didn’t know much about the gym, it took time, practice, and learning amongst other things. The journey was an exciting one for sure and I became addicted, I watched the new me get reborn, I got reacquainted with myself, and met friends along the way, I was genuinely happy as my body was releasing endorphins and I was in the best shape (for me). I didn’t need a sculpted six-pack with bulging defined triceps and biceps but I was able to run a flight of steps, jog, leg press five hundred pounds, and not feel out of breath. After so many years later I even wore a bathing suit and tanned on the beach with a gal pal. I’ll share some fun pictures and a video below, follow or leave me a message on social media and I’ll make sure to follow you in return as I love meeting new friends!

As you can see above I was heavier on the right, I did not feel good at all but I was not ready to change my ways. You have to get to a place of being 'sick and tired' to get it and I WAS sick and tired because I knew better and that's when my life changed and I took control.

I started my online boutique again and life started to feel good, it seemed everything was finally falling into place. I had a boost of confidence but the absolute BEST part for me was helping other women, motivating them, encouraging them, and telling them not to give up. If you have time you can check out my media I would post my workout for the day, and I have videos of what I would eat, protein shakes, and recipes along with my latest new arrivals! Plus friend I would love to stay in touch and get to know each other, thanks for spending some time with me and I really hope you stay around as I would love to get to know you too!



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